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DESTA the Black Youth Network
University of Concordia
Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM)

This video was shoot in partnership with DESTA the Black Youth Network and The University of Concordia (Design Art) through Israël Dupuis Master Thesis project at UQAM (communication).

It is the result of the collaboration between DESTA participants (Cedric kabango, Iman Brown, T’nias Robertson, Azariah Robertson (Triston), Mustapha Thomson (Moose), Shavoun Mclean (Widget) Concordia students (Meryam Joobeur and Derek Bradscome) under the direction of the Design lecturer Israël Dupuis.

This collective creative was put online to promote collaborative project and raise awareness toward the differences in our society. It states that everyone has to go through his own struggle and that we should understand and help each other to get through them.

From the “making off” this video, a 45 min video collage (Indignato Va Versum) was made. This ethnographic film is the core of Israel’s Dupuis thesis la création collective multimédia chez les jeunes à risque: un moyen pour aider à passer au travers des coups dur.. It explore the use of direct cinema techniques in conjunction with art-therapy and gestalt therapy intervention framework. This work is the base ground for relational aesthetic approaches to collective creation in the context of proximity work. It is a trade-off from youth worker help relation to the development of sincere relation between the artist and the participants (both of them bean considers equal in the creating process).

A set with Dereck Bradscome (Concordia), Triston and Iman (DESTA), and Israël Dupuis.